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Welcome to 4K Earth Science

All imbalances are influenced by changes that govern them, the impacts of Climate change are no exclusion, this global issue has created an imbalance in the global ecosystem with various theories revolving around it. The issue of climate change can be addressed to certain effect of revival by collecting, analysing and managing the data that is reasoned for impacts on the earth and environment. If the issues are not analysed and long term mitigation measures are not implemented now, the climate change, coupled with water pollution and environmental degradation would be the biggest challenge in the future.

Many mitigating measures are being developed globally to address these key concerns. All these measures are aimed at industrial, commercial and agricultural practices, which can to a large extent, resolve the global greenhouse gas(GHG) emission issue and provide a safe environment to live. As a need of the time, such measures are to be properly presented with data and facts to understand the process, progress and achievements delivered to tackle the climate change issues. It also requires the establishment of such facts with compliance and regulations that are being adhered by mitigation strategies.

At 4K Earth Science Private Limited, we aim to focus as a third party services provider to objectively validate, verify, check, audit and report on GHG measures implemented by parties. We promulgate this through professionally qualified team of experts, who are well versed with needs, compliance, practices and industry specific regulation requirements. Our team is equipped with procedure, process, requirements and professional validation/verification reporting approaches on CDM, VCS and Gold Standard GHG Mechanisms.

About 4KES

4K Earth Science Private Limited (4KES) is an organization started with vision and focus on providing assurance on compliance governance mechanisms. With the dedicated team of technical know-how and expertise, we are at the forefront to provide services towards business with sustainable development.

Our approach is aimed at compliance assurance with sustained technological, economical and environmental business practices. Our goal is to promulgate, promote and protect the health, wealth of nature for future.

Our Services

Energy and Carbon - CDM

-4KES is a Applicant Entity for CDM. To be updated later....

-GHG auditing

-Energy Auditing

Biochar Technology

Our association with Carbon Native and Biochar Revolution is aimed in taking forward the concept and technology of ‘sky to soil’, which promulgates in transforming the environment and agriculture sector by utilization of Biochar products and practices.

Water and Environment

4KES would also be involved in evaluation and decision support on water management in industries and commercial establishments.

Asset Management

The other pillar of activity is on provision of training, awareness and assurance on Asset Management with Quality Assurance and Compliance.

CSR and Training

The business stream is to focus on assurance by evaluation on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to corporate companies.

Training programs are to be parted for capacity building awareness on Asset Management, Water management and Biochar technology for Agriculture.

Contact Us

4K Earth Science Pvt Ltd.

No.20, ‘SNS Arcade’, Basement Floor,

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Tele/Fax +91 80 4336 5728

Email : doe@4kearthscience.com